MISSING: Your WFP Emails, Notifications, and Alerts

The WFP HOA Board acknowledges that some WFP residents and non-resident owners do not receive some HOA communications. These can include your package notifications, our Friday HOA email updates, reminders about scheduled maintenance, and alerts that one of the building systems is not working. Now is the time to help us fix the issues.

If you or anyone else in your residence is not receiving any of these things —or if you only receive them sporadically— then the board members have a request: tell them about it.

If you are new-ish here and aren’t sure whether or not you are receiving everything, please take a moment to help us make sure that you aren’t being left out. This effort is for everyone, whether you are renting or have purchased here.

We have an HOA management team form here on the website to help this project. Use it to communicate with the property management team, the HOA board, or both at once. There is a separate online form for the desk staff. Both are found in the same place, under the Contact menu here on the website.

To help expedite matters, here are both links. Click one of them. You must be logged in to your website account in order to use these forms. If you haven’t set up your account, it takes just a minute. Click here to set it up.

Contact HOA Management Team

Contact Desk Staff

You can always find these (and other forms as well as our resident directory) by coming to the website and poking around the Contacts menu, as shown on the image, below.

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