Welcome to our Waterfront Pearl neighborhood information guide!

WFP holds an unusual spot among Pearl District residences, and it’s due to the people who live here. Everyone from real estate agents to friends and guests all seem to pick up on how involved so many of us are around WFP. For most of the people who read this, you will get to know dozens of your new neighbors in these two towers, and have many opportunities to socialize, interact, help out, or just enjoy life in the Pearl.

The initial information in this guide was created by residents a few years ago, to help new homeowners quickly learn the key features of life here, as well as to introduce a few do-and-don’t situations. Over time, it has received updates from our WFP Communications Committee members. While it covers the most necessary things, it’s important that you take time to read through the HOA By-laws and Rules+Regulations documents within your first few days, or even before you move in. Though this guide gets an update from time-to-time, the by-laws and rules don’t change very often.

Index of Contents

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