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If you are an owner who rents out a unit, it is your personal responsibility to ensure that renters receive the latest version of the WFP Move Guidelines, below. Make sure they have it in hand prior to moving in and again before moving out. Please send them the web page link or print this page for them.

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The Waterfront Pearl Homeowners Association (HOA) has crafted a set of rules and guidelines to help ease the moving pains. Whether you are planning to move in or to move out, this document includes all the steps you need to take in order to make the process as smooth and cost-efficient as possible. Please read through everything below or print this page to help your process.

There are a few simple guidelines that are important to the security and to the convenience of everyone here. When planning your move, keep these in mind.

  1. The security guard is required for the entire duration of the move.
  2. There are no moves allowed on Sunday or major holidays.
  3. Moves are scheduled in four-hour blocks, either 8 AM to 12 PM, or from 12 PM to 4 PM.
  4. There are no exceptions to these basic rules.

As for how you go about it, here are the basics. After notifying the Concierge desk and also our property manager, a number of details are set and plans are put into place. These include:

  • The date and time for your move.
  • Hiring a security guard for the lobby.
  • Providing one dedicated elevator, helping to speed the process.
  • Scheduling a walk-through with you, both before and after, to ensure that no damage was done to the property.
  • Handing over the keys.

The Full Details

Please follow the policies below during your move to prevent disturbance to the building and your neighbors.

Moving Schedule

DAYS: Monday–Saturday
TIMES: 8:00 AM to noon, or noon to 4:00 PM
OTHER: No moves are ever permitted on Sunday or major holidays

Truck Parking Permits

Permits for moving are not required, but are very helpful when planning for your moving day. Most trucks require two and sometimes three parking spots. You can visit for more information and we recommend that you get the Portland Parking Kitty iPhone/Android app for your moving truck and daily parking needs. The parking zone in the stretch around our property is number 1005. Enter this when using Parking Kitty.

Tell your movers to bring their own carts and moving gear. The WFP carts found next to the elevators on levels P1 and P2 are only for short-term use by building residents, to help with short-term needs to cart groceries and such. They are never available for moves, even if it is a resident handling their own move. Please keep these available for everyone coming/going in the garage.

Move Reservations

All move-in and move-out activity must be scheduled with the property manager no later than one week prior to your move. You should try to schedule earlier than that, to avoid conflicts with other moves that will force yours to a later date. Use this online form to start the communication with the property managers.

Unscheduled moves are never permitted and are stopped as soon as they are noticed. In these situations, the move is not scheduled for at least another seven days.

Available Hours

It’s important to us that we keep the elevators available for times when residents are going to work or coming home again. To ensure this, you will choose a 4-hour window for your move. If that is not enough time, then you may plan to extend past noon (morning moves) or to start before noon (afternoon moves).

If your move is likely to require more than four hours, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property manager is prepared for it.

  1. Schedule more than one week in advance.
  2. Pick a morning (8 AM to noon) or afternoon (noon to 4 PM) time slot
  3. Security must be present during the entire move.
  4. The elevator must remain padded to reduce the risk of damage.


A $150 moving fee payable to Waterfront Pearl HOA is due upon scheduling a move. A second $150 fee payable to the Waterfront Pearl’s current security company (see below) is due before the move starts. Moves that will be longer than four hours will have a higher fee. A move that inadvertently extends beyond its scheduled time will be assessed an overtime fee by our security company.

Last minute changes to your scheduled move period may result in additional charges by the security company.

Failure to properly schedule a move, or failure to comply with the approved move schedule will result in a non-compliance fine to the responsible homeowner’s account, even if the person moving was a renter.

Building Security

Security of our towers is the highest priority during moving days. Doors must not be blocked open or left unsecured at any time. A security guard is required to open and close the door(s) for your movers, to help ensure there is no damage to the entranceway.

How do you obtain a security guard? Arrange it through our Concierge desk or the property manager. The current Waterfront Pearl security company charges $37.50 per hour for moves, and you will pay them directly.

Important: Please notify the Concierge desk at least seven days prior to your move to ensure that security will be available and on site at the front door before your movers arrive.

Intra-Property Moves

Moves from one building to the other require a double security fee, because we will have two security guards on the doors—one at each building.

Property Damage

Nobody likes scratches, dings, scrapes, or stains where they live. You are responsible for any messes that occur due to your moving process. If the concierge or maintenance staff determine that a clean-up is required after your move, they will do it. The labor rate is $25 per hour, with a minimum charge of $25.

If the staff determines that there is building damage or elevator damage due to your move, the property management team will have it assessed and you will be billed for it.

Packing Material

Each one of us is responsible to break down our own boxes.

Packing materials may not be disposed of by putting them in the trash chute. Instead, take them down to level P2 and put them in the trash room. Both the Mistral Tower and Azure Tower elevators let out on the P2 parking level, where the trash room is found. If you don’t know where it is, please ask a neighbor, concierge, or a security guard to give you the tour. Our building engineer is also available to give you a tour and help you become familiar with areas within the property.

Don’t just leave the boxes, but first flatten them (break them down)  and place them in the recycling and trash bins you’ll see in the room. If your materials cannot be placed in the dumpster or recycled, please contact Daniel, our building engineer, to schedule disposal through Waste Management.

Never leave boxes or packing materials in the recycling closet on your floor. Nobody wants to deal with that and you force the staff to do extra work, which leads to overtime charges. If anything can be tracked back to you, the HOA will have it removed, but will also assess you a fine.

Caution and Courtesy

On moving day, ask your moving team to take extra care to avoid damage. If any damage results to hallways, doorways, or the elevators during a move, the costs for that damage become the responsibility of the condo owner. The HOA board will assess the appropriate account to pay for any necessary repairs. If you are a renter, this means that your landlord may have cause to pass those charges on to you.

The Waterfront Pearl is a community. Therefore take care to close doors quietly to avoid disruption to your neighbors.

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  1. I did not find any “PDF at the bottom of the page” mentioned at the top of this page. It would be convenient for printing to give to an incoming tenant. Could you please add this?
    – Eric

    1. That’s an oopsie. The reference has been removed now. Just print the web page or send the link to your renters. The page is available to the general public without signing in to the site. This means that if it gets updated, we don’t need to track multiple documents. However, if you choose to print it, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you get a fresh copy every time, in case the rules change at some point. Thanks for point out the error.

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