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This post was updated June 7 to include the latest figures from CDC and Multnomah County. See the sections toward the bottom of the post.

Over the rise-and-fall of COVID around the world, many scientists, organizations, students, and hackers have put together tools to help show and explain data coming from our various health organizations. Now that we are well into the vaccination phase, new tools are tracking and predicting milestones based on the Centers for Disease Control and various state governments.

On the National Public Radio website is a tool that allows you to select a state to see a prediction based on how the vaccination program has rolled out. In the graphic below, we’ve selected Oregon. We have nearly 4.3 million residents, with a bit more than 75% of those being adults.

In Multnomah County, the statistics look even more hopeful. Neighboring counties such as Clackamas and Clark are less so. OUr county has about 825,000 residents. In our ZIP code, we have about 27,000 people living here and less than 5% are under the age of 18.

Our county has already fully vaccinated more than 60% of adults, and 85% of those who are 65 years and older are fully vaccinated in Multnomah County.

As a comparision, consider that the CDC data shows annual flu shots rarely break the 50% mark for Oregon adults, in any given year. The fact that we’re almost there for the COVID vaccine across the entire state is unusual and impressive. The fact that we’ve surpassed that in our little corner, is even more so.

The CDC uses the current rate of vaccination for our state (as of May 27) to predict when we will have a fully vaccinated popoulation. Over the coming months, Oregon is on track to be at 70% full vaccinated in the latter half of July. Multnomah County and the 97209 ZIP code show better statistics than the state as a whole. Clark County (Washington) and Clackamas County are not nearly as well vaccinated as our area. Use this tracker from the NY Times, if you want to keep up with the news.

The CDC maintains a database for each county in each state. The above table was the status for Multnomah County as of Monday, June 7. Looking at adults only (18+ years), nearly 66% are currently fully vaccinated, an increase of 4% over the previous 10 days. (According to the 2020 county demographics, fewer than 5% of Multnomah County residents are younger than 18 years.) This puts us on a faster track toward the 80% full vaccination goal than for the state, in general.

Also as of June 7, the CDC records that 58% of Oregon adults (18+) are fully vaccinated, which is itself much higher than the expected 50% level forecast made in late May, with a target of June 9.

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