Ignoring Security Rules Could Co$t You!

Our security at WFP is dependent on everyone taking personal responsibility as we come and go. But despite numerous communications from WFP Safety & Security Committee, HOA Board of Directors, and our property management company, we still find some neighbors not taking that responsibility seriously enough. That behavior exposes all of us to the risks posed by intruders.

New on the WFP site

We’ve added a couple of things to the site, and both of them are found under the Resources menu. One is the WFP Neighbor Guide, which is a compendium of information, how-to, where-to, and other knowledge. It’s been compiled by the Communications Committee over the past year or so. The second is the Emergency Prep Guide, compiled by the E-Prep Committee.

If you have updates, corrections, or new info for either, please contact the respective committees. If you have ideas for things to be added, fill out this online form.

Waterfront Pearl

Waterfront Pearl