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HOA Board Highlights: February 2020

After discussion by the Board and HOA members in attendance, the Board approved Safety & Security proposal designed to increase compliance with entry/exit good practices.

Ignoring security rules can hit the wallet

Our security at WFP is dependent on everyone taking personal responsibility as we come and go. But despite numerous communications from WFP Safety & Security Committee, HOA Board of Directors, and our property management company, we still find some neighbors not taking that responsibility seriously enough. That behavior exposes all of us to the risks posed by intruders.

HOA Board Highlights: January 2020

The first homeowners’ meeting of the New Year included a presentation by our insurance broker from HUB and updates from key committees.

HOA Board Meeting Highlights — December 2019

Major announcements from Litigation, Finance & Budget, and Safety & Security Committees were the headlines from December’s HOA Board meeting.

Safety & Security Report — December 2019

Safety & Security Committee will be recommending a system of fines to be imposed on residents who ignore adopted entry & exit guidelines at WFP. Read what is behind the Committee’s recommendation.

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